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Comfort Land offers tankless water heater services in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, so you can switch to a tankless water heater and get ready for instant hot water. Our tankless water heaters are designed to provide the highest levels of efficiency while still giving you a reliable source of hot water.

With our tankless water heater services , you can enjoy a nearly endless supply of hot water with no need to worry about running out. And if you need to replace your old water heater with a tankless system, our technicians can provide quick and efficient replacement services.

Comfort Land offers tankless water heater installation and replacement throughout the DFW area, including the following locations:

  • Arlington, TX
  • Irving, TX
  • Keller, TX
  • Southlake, TX
  • Grapevine, TX
  • Colleyville, TX

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tired of running out of hot water in your home? Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a tankless water heater. With their numerous advantages over traditional tank heaters, it’s no wonder why more homeowners are opting for this modern technology.

Improved Energy Efficiency

A significant advantage of a tankless water heater is its energy efficiency. Since traditional water heaters constantly heat and reheat water stored in their reservoirs, they consume a considerable amount of energy.

In contrast, tankless heaters only heat water when hot water is requested, eliminating wasted energy. This efficiency can save homeowners up to 20% on their energy bills.

Space Savings

Tankless water heaters are more compact and can be mounted on walls, freeing up valuable floor space in your home. This feature is especially beneficial for homeowners with smaller living areas or those who prefer not to have a large water heater tank taking up valuable square footage.

Longer Life Span

Traditional water heaters have an average lifespan of 10-15 years. In contrast, tankless water heaters have an average lifespan of 20 years or more. This means that while the upfront cost of a tankless heater may be higher, it will ultimately last you longer and save you money over time.


With a tankless water heater installation, you’ll never run out of hot water again. Since the water is heated on demand, you’ll have access to a seemingly endless hot water supply for as long as you need it.

Additionally, most tankless water heaters come with digital temperature controls. This feature allows you to set and maintain your desired temperature without worry.

Easy Replacement

While replacing a traditional water heater can be a complicated and costly process, replacing it with a tankless water heater is relatively easy. In addition, most tankless water heaters can be installed in the same location as your old unit, making the installation a breeze. Upgrading to a tankless water heater offers homeowners numerous benefits, including energy efficiency, space-saving, longer lifespan, convenience, and easy replacement.

If you want to improve the efficiency and convenience of your home’s hot water system, consider switching to a tankless water heater. Not only will it save you money in the long run, but it will also provide you with hot water whenever you need it.

Why Choose Comfort Land for Tankless Water Heater Installation?

When you choose Comfort Land for your tankless water heater installation, you can rest assured knowing it will be installed correctly and professionally. Our tankless water heater installers are highly trained and experienced, providing quick and efficient installation.

Comfort Land guarantees complete satisfaction with our tankless water heater installation. Therefore, you can be sure your new tankless water heater will perform as expected. So if you’re ready to upgrade to a new tankless hot water heater, count on Comfort Land for the best tankless water heater services in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX.

Tankless Water Heater Replacement

If you’re fortunate enough to own a tankless water heater, you already know the benefits of its smaller footprint and on-demand hot water availability. However, even the highest-quality units will require tankless water heater replacement.

How do you know when to schedule a professional tankless water heater replacement with Comfort Land? The most common signs are decreased water temperature, inconsistent water flow, and leaks.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, replacing tankless water heater units is a wise choice. Fortunately, technological advances mean that a new tankless water heater will be even more efficient and cost-effective than your current model. In fact, you might even consider an electric tankless water heater instead of natural gas. This is because electric units are significantly less expensive than gas units, especially when it comes to installation costs.

What Are the Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters?

There are plenty of benefits of tankless water heaters that you can enjoy as opposed to traditional water heaters. If you’re ready to replace your old water heater with a tankless system, Comfort Land has a team of tankless water heater installers ready to provide excellent service.

In addition to less anxiety about waiting for cold water, tankless water heaters can make your life easier in other ways. Here are a few benefits that tankless systems can provide to homeowners:

With our tankless units, you’ll seldom have to worry about running out of hot water, making your showering or bath experience a comfortable and relaxing one.

With our energy-efficient tankless units, you can save up to 40% on your monthly utility bills, giving you more money to spend on things you love.

Our tankless water heater services help reduce your carbon footprint by using less energy and reducing your overall energy consumption.


At Comfort Land, we are excited to provide you with the best tankless water heater services in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. Our expertise and high-quality tankless units allow you to enjoy comfort, convenience, and cost savings. Contact us today to schedule your installation!

Your Local Tankless Water Heater Installation Company

Are you tired of constantly running out of hot water? For hot water solutions, look no further than Comfort Land, your local tankless water heater installation company. With their innovative technology, tankless water heaters provide hot water on demand, saving you time and energy compared to traditional tank heaters.


Additionally, our tankless water heater installers will ensure your new system is installed properly and ready to use in no time. So say goodbye to cold showers and hello to endless hot water with the help of Comfort Land.


We’re your local tankless water heater installation company, offering reasonable tankless water heater costs for our customers. If you’ve been searching for the best tankless water heater services in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, count on Comfort Land for the best tankless water heaters available.

Our Service Area

Comfort Land proudly serves the DFW area with a comprehensive range of services. Our service area includes Arlington, Irving, Keller, Southlake, Grapevine, and Colleyville, TX, plus many other communities.

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If you’re ready to experience the convenience that a tankless hot water heater offers, call Comfort Land! Our technicians will install a new tankless unit in your home and ensure it’s set up correctly.


Additionally, we can replace your traditional water heater with a tankless system. Not only will you enjoy significant energy savings, but you’ll also have water that gets heated instantly. We’re experts when it comes to replacing tankless water heater units.


We offer professional tankless water heater services in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, and the surrounding areas. To schedule tankless water heater installation or repair, contact us today!

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